Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Jacket Price

    If you are awarded a jacket and letter by your school, you are responsible for purchasing any patches or embroidery for your jacket. If your school does not pay for your jacket, you MAY have the option of purchasing a jacket, depending on your school/school districts guidelines. If allowed, you would be responsible for the cost of the jacket, as well as any patches and/or embroidery.

  2. What is included with the jacket that I receive from my school?

    The school awards the jacket with the award letter sewn on the front left side of the jacket. Each award letter comes with an insert designating the sport or activity in which the student has earned their “Letter”. You are financially responsible for anything else that you wish to have on your jacket showing your achievements. If your sport or organization does not provide you with the jacket, then you are responsible for the jacket and patches. Letter Jackets are typically earned and awarded by your school.

  3. How do I order patches?

    If you have not ordered your letter jacket, the best place to order your patches is during the order-taking session at your school. This will ensure that all patches are sewn on the jacket while it is being manufactured. If you already have your letter jacket, you may order additional patches at the school order-taking session, via telephone at (210) 403-9400, by mailing your order form or you may order by using this website. All patches ordered from this site, will be shipped loosely, separately from your jacket, to your residence.

  4. Should I order all patches now?

    All patch orders from this site will be sent loosely, not with a jacket, to your residence. If you have not ordered your jacket yet, wait for the in-school order-taking session to place your patch orders so that your patches will be sewn on while your jacket is being manufactured.

  5. How do I select a Jacket Size?

    At the in-school order-taking session, a trained representative will allow you to try on sample jackets to ensure a proper fit. Students will not be measured. The student will make the final decision on the SIZE of the letter jacket. There is a $75.00 REMAKE FEE to change the size of a jacket plus any sewing and embroidery fees.

  6. How can I pay for my Jacket options?

    At order taking, we will accept Cash, check, money order, MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover. ALL ORDERS MUST BE PAID IN FULL. If ordering loose patches from this site, full payment using credit card is required.

  7. Can I order patches online?

    Of course. This feature is really designed for students who already have a letter jacket and need to order additional patches. Just select your school in the Drop-down box and then follow the steps. All online patch orders will be shipped directly to your residence. Patches ordered on this site will be shipped loose, separate from a jacket, making it your responsibility to have them sewn on.

  8. Can I have patches sewn on at your local sales office?

    We do not have that capability in our office. We can ship your jacket to our factory in Waco, Texas to have the patches sewn on. You will have to pay shipping charges to and from the factory. We can also recommend local merchants that can sew on patches for you.

  9. When and where will my Letter Jacket be delivered?

    If your school district awards and provides your letter jacket, please allow 8 – 10 weeks for delivery. All Jackets will be shipped to the school, where coaches/directors/sponsors will distribute them on arrival.