About Us

Competitive Edge is a family-owned business created specifically to provide high quality letter jackets, chenille or embroidered patches and stadium blankets.

Larry Thompson and his wife Elaine, have been providing Scholastic products and services to Schools and students for almost a quarter century through their company San Antonio Balfour. Larry added letter jackets and patches to his line of high quality scholastic products in 2003, and the response has been incredible.

The Competitive Edge sales office is located in San Antonio, Texas and can fill orders from anywhere in the continental United States.

Our Jackets and Patches are manufactured and assembled at the Powers Chenille/Embroidery factory in Waco, Texas. The Powers facility is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of chenille products. Powers was recently purchased by Balfour, a leader in the Class Ring and Recognition Industry, giving Competitive Edge the ability to be even more responsive to market changes and innovations.

Competitive Edge will do everything we can to meet or exceed your expectations of quality and service. For more information about specialty orders, custom patches or more information about any of our services, please email us or call our office at (210) 403-9400.